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Antares E² The highly efficient electrical aircraft for piloted and unmanned missions: high endurance, extensive payload, extreme reliability and silent operation.


  • endurance, icon

    Endurance 40h

    A high endurance combined with an ability to carry heavy payloads slowly and with a minimum of vibrations results in a unique platform for large area high precision sensing.

  • reliability, icon


    A highly redundant drivetrain architecture composed of high reliability components and a minimum moving parts yields an ability to safely carry critical and valuable payloads

  • payload, icon

    Payload 200kg

    Sufficient carrying capacity to install a comprehensive package of high precision sensing equipment.

  • electric, icon

    100% Electric

    The fully electric drivetrain maximizes the energy efficiency while minimizing vibrations and noise emissions.

  • weather, icon

    All weather

    A sufficiently high speed-range combined with de-icing systems and lightning protection means that the aircraft can handle rough weather conditions.

  • low cost, icon

    Low cost of ownership

    A low fuel consumption combined with a low maintenance electric propulsion system yields a highly economical remote sensing platform.


Target Specifications

Wingspan23 m / 75,5 ft
Length7,6 m / 24,9 ft
Max. Take Off Weight1.650 kg / 3640 lb
Max Payload200 kg / 441 lb
Mission speed range125-180 km/h / 67-97 kts

Lange Group


Lange Aviation

Manufacturing and Support

Lange Research

Sales, Research &
Development for Antares E²

EASA certified organization

2.000m² facility on taxiway to Zweibrücken airfield

Participation in national and European programs

History & Major Milestones


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